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I was skeptical about booking a hotel in paharganj.For the first time had a good experience with a hotel in that area.Staff is helpful & considered my request for late check in & late check out.Highly recommended if planning to stay in & around New Delhi railway station.
I was only in Delhi for 1 week in May. Ajanta is a great hotel. Rooms are nice and quiet and clean.The staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. Where ever you want to go the travel desk can arrange for you without any hassle. They made my stay worth while. I will definitely recommend woman travelling alone to stay at Ajanta Hotel.

Know The City

Places To See in Delhi

Is Delhi an eponymous city? It is one of the oldest cities in the world going back to the times of epic Mahabharata. Its division into Old Delhi and New Delhi gives a chequered impression. The widespread roads with the effervescent blooms are delightful to eyes. Unremitting extremities in the weather is a source of constant amusement and annoyance to people here. Of course this is not the place to seek a respite from rancid weather conditions. Yet you can see the natives walking along oblivious to all these mundane matters, so busy they are with lives. How can one get to one place in this rush? Get hold of a Delhi Travel Guide from any book store or go online and browse away. Once you have information, the primary key, you just get to know the rest.

Delhi tourism is a wonderful way to engulf yourself in the magical romance of the city. A touch of camaraderie with nature, monuments, malls, markets, ruins and every other aspect the make Delhi is like a dream. A travel guide procured online or otherwise not only guide you about 'places to go', 'things to buy', etc, but act like a time machine which takes you back in time. The mythical silence where great men rest and places of worship with characteristic serenity would give you a lifetime of memories.

All the details given will be comprehensive, but detailed in essential. Traveling is the perfect way to find various sides of oneself as well as human culture. It is interesting to note that what is acceptable in one place might give you quite a contradictory experience in another place. Certain travel guides have such amusing incongruities which can be compared to your travel experiences. The theory of relativity can be best applied to cultures and lifestyles all across the world. There is so much to see, know and learn. Will we ever?

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